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We are celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March with our very own book
'Wisdom Of Our Own' - Living and Learning since the Miners' Strike.
Signed copies available on the day.
Pop in to the Centre or call us on 01977 511581 for yours.book cover
A perfect gift for any loved one who wants a trip down memory lane!


book cover

Computer Skills in Job Searching

- Searching for jobs on the Internet
- Using Universal Jobmatch
- E-mail job applications
- Managing documents
- Use a CV template


A Celebration of Learning

Castleford Women’s Centre (Castleford Community Learning Centre) was born in the aftermath of the 1984/85 miner’s strike by the Women Against Pit Closures movement who ran the surrounding soup kitchens during that time - when an awareness was recognised that education was the path to recovery.  Our book has been written to celebrate 30 years of learning and tells stories of our students, funders, partners and tutors who all played a big part in our success story.  The book can be purchased at a cost of 15 by calling in to our centre or contacting us on 01977511581

   Or click on the link below to purchase









National Institute of Adult Continuing Education

Castleford Community Learning Centre


"Inspiring Learners Award"







1 York Street


WF10 1RB

Tel: 01977 511581

Web: www.cclc.co.uk



Please visit our website at www.cclc.co.uk to catch up on our regular programme of training/events and a virtual tour of the centre.

We also have ROOM HIRE available. Please contact reception with any queries/bookings and we look forward to hearing from you. 


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FREE 2 hour Internet and Email class!
Enrolling now.

Are you struggling with your CV or need it updating? We can help you look at the skills you have and how to improve on them.  We can help you understand the job market and what various jobs entail.

We are now offering this advice and guidance on a one to one basis.

Contact the Centre now, 01977 511581, to book an appointment with one of our advisers.


 Ian Clayton is the author of our 30th anniversary book





We grew from humble beginnings in the miner’s strike and thrive today as a centre of learning excellence.

The story of Castleford Community Learning Centre is one worth telling.  It is a story about wanting to plant a seed of change.  “The lives of many people, particularly women, changed forever in the bitter year long miner’s strike and for many women the experience of organising, attending meetings and speaking up meant that they didn’t want to go back to just being a wife or mother.  The women who stood shoulder to shoulder with their menfolk in soup kitchens and on picket lines wanted to stay together after the strike.  They wanted to continue the newfound sense of purpose and do something useful.  The seeds of a Castleford Women’s Centre were planted and these women asked locals what they would like to see from such a centre.

The cry went up for education, but most respondents said they didn’t have the confidence to go to college.  Within a year of the strike ending, the Learning Centre was born.  Partnerships were formed with Trade Unions, Colleges and University Departments and the Centre became a huge success with local people.

It has been estimated that there have been over 50,000 learning opportunities over the years and there are many heartwarming stories of people who have gone on from obtaining basic qualifications to University Degrees.

The Centre has rightly earned its affectionate title “The University of Life” and nowadays  still offers a wide range of courses in Technology, Languages, Health and Well-being along with basic English and Maths.  It also has a Job Club to help people back into work.








Drop in Job club

Tuesday's 1.00-3.00pm Computers for the terrified



CV writing assistance

Thursday's 1.00-3.00pm Digital Inclusion
  * Refer to course sheet  



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Please visit our website at www.cclc.co.uk to catch up on regular programme of Courses/Events and a virtual tour of the centre.


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