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This class is of a mixed ability and runs in 5 weekly sessions.

If you are an absolute beginner to sugarcraft there is a basic equipment list that you can ask for at reception the cost of this basic equipment is approximately 25-40 and if you choose to carry on learning beyond the 5 weeks other peices of equipment for example cutters for flower making will need to be purchased.

The two most popular aspects of sugarcraft are taught in the class, modelling and wired flower making, usually a couple of weeks at a time, alternating the projects. Varying projects will be taught on occasion including new methods and ideas or student pre-planned requests are also possible.

As icing a cake is a basic requirement for sugarcraft this can be taught to anyone who is a beginner within the first 5 weeks, should you request this.

The class has a clearly planned structure and it would be expected all students, at whatever ability, to be working on the same projects, hopefully after the first 5 weeks or less, but courses are taught based on ability. This course includes learning especially for beginners and can help you gain confidence initially before you move on. Likewise anyone with a lot of experience of sugarcraft would be given support to develop and build on what they already know.

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