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About Us

Castleford Community Learning Centre is an example of how communities can support themselves and is a shining testament to the people of Castleford. Offering everything from leisure activities to degree courses at a local level within a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, CCLC allows those who may otherwise not have such opportunities to further their education.

The learning centre has a strong history and is well recognised throughout Castleford. We recognise the difficulties some people have in accessing adult education and try to overcome these. The centre offers disabled facilities. Everything is done to help those who wish to continue their studies to do so.

As a service provider CCLC aims to respond to peoples ongoing needs whilst retaining the excellent quality it has developed. Most importantly CCLC is led by local people and provides a community service.


Castleford Community Learning Centre is a further development of Castleford Women's Centre, an organisation set up in 1985. During the miners strike of 1984/85 women in the local area had seen that they could have a great effect within the community. With the decline of the mining industry on which the local community had been so reliant, a need for opportunities was recognised. It was with these ideas in mind that a small number of women who had been involved in the strike set up the Centre in Castleford. From within the community, it aimed to provide opportunities for men and women which were what they wanted rather than those that others felt they needed.

From humble beginnings the centre continued to expand, running more educational courses which the people of the area wanted and opening 2 more outreach centres in Airedale (2 miles away), and Knottingley (4 miles away). Over the years the centre has encompassed all manner of activities. In every way possible the centre has seen itself as a facility to enhance the community.

In 1998 the Castleford centre was moved a short distance from its home of 13 years and became the new Community Learning Centre in York Street. This new building contains all of the tradition of excellence in training within a modern environment.


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