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Castleford Community Learning Centre

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A Celebration of Learning

Castleford Women’s Centre (Castleford Community Learning Centre) was born in the aftermath of the 1984/85 miner’s strike by the Women Against Pit Closures movement who ran the surrounding soup kitchens during that time - when an awareness was recognised that education was the path to recovery.  Our book has been written to celebrate 30 years of learning and tells stories of our students, funders, partners and tutors who all played a big part in our success story.  The book can be purchased at a cost of 15 by calling in to our centre or contacting us on 01977511581

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It all started with a knock at the door.  I had my third son in May 1983. At that point I never really expected that I would work again. My husband Alf was at Kellingley pit and when the overtime ban started in the October, it made me think how hard things had been in previous strikes. When the strike started on March 8 1984, our Louis was ten months old. By the time of his first birthday the strike was still on and we were starting to worry and wonder how long it might go on for. One night I heard a knock at my door, it was a woman from the village who I vaguely knew, she said, “Things are getting serious Margaret, we’re going to a meeting, and do you want to come?” The meeting was called by Sheila Capstick and Pat Thomas; they were talking about food parcels and that. But mainly they were trying to pull folk together, because they had realised there was stuff going on in isolation in the different villages, but it needed to be better co coordinated. It’s like there was a soup kitchen up at Hightown Church, but I didn’t know about it and it’s just a few miles away. We started to have bigger meetings at Swillington Labour Club. I think that was where I first heard the term “Women against Pit Closures.” Three months into the strike it started to feel like we belonged to something.


I’ve never pinched anything in my life, that’s not the road I was brought up.  There was a day when I looked into my purse and there was nothing in it, not even a penny.  Our Kirsty had had some dripping n a crust for her breakfast before she went to school and she hates crusts.  I had to tell her that crusts make your hair curl; she’d always wanted curly hair.

In the supermarket I picked up one of them big tins of Goblin ready stews.  I looked round and thought, ‘well they won’t miss one of these.’  I had my shopping bag open and I held that tin over it and then something came over me and I put it back on the shelf.

I went down to my mam’s house and cried most of the way.  I told her what I’d nearly done.  My mam had one of them old-fashioned pantries and she reached into it.  She took out a bag of strong white flour and said, ‘Come on, we’ll make some bread like we used to do before.’ That set me off crying again.

Before I came home she gave me a pair of stockings, they were the worst brown you have ever seen, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

A couple of short stories from the book, 'Wisdom of our Own' just to wet your appetite for a good read!

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WELCOME to the Castleford Community Learning Centre.

Castleford Community Learning Centre is a testament to the people of Castleford. Being a celebrated part of the local community since humble beginnings in 1985, offering adult education opportunities to our community offering courses covering a wide range of differing interests and needs.

CCLC has a friendly, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. The centre offering disabled facilities, including a lift.

The centre has an esteemed past and has won numerous awards, these have reinforced it's endeavour to provide for the local community with high quality adult eduction and services.

CCLC aims to respond to peoples ongoing needs while retaining the quality it has developed through the many years it has served the local community. Most importantly CCLC is led by local people and provides a community service.

For more details on the courses the centre provides please have a look at the courses page.

CCLC has many long standing affiliates, links to their websites can be found here.

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